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Trauma is rapidly becoming a major cause of death and disability as Africa continues to develop with increased road infrastructure and building development but with little in the way of coordinated trauma care facilities.

NOTAA has been established, with full charitable status, as a fully recognised sub group of World Orthopaedic Concern UK, to engage with all staff groups working in Orthopaedic Units in the Northwest enabling them to work together and support the development of sustainable Orthopaedic Trauma services in Africa.

Intially, NOTAA plans to focus its support in Blantyre, Malawi and Hawassa, Southern Ethiopia as well as the national Ethiopian Orthopaedic training programme in Addis Ababa.

Our work will involve coordinated fundraising, purchasing equipment and implants and arranging visits where the emphasis will be on enhancing development of local staff/facilities and delivering sustainable long term service improvement and high quality care for the population served by the hospital we are helping to develop

NOTAA ‘s aim is to mentor and support all staff groups and departments in hospitals we are associated with and thus deliver long term improvement in trauma care hence reducing the burden of trauma on developing countries

To deliver its goals NOTAA has already established strong working relationships with a number of organisations : World Orthopaedic Concern (WOC UK), AO Alliance Foundation (AOAF), Australian Doctors for Africa (ADFA), UK MED and Manchester University Medical School and identifed common goals and areas for collaboration.

It is envisaged these links will strengthen as NOTAA evolves and the long term goal is to establish an organisation that brings together and coordinates the widespread humanitarian experience and commitment already present within the Northwest Orthopaedic Community involving all staff groups and especially younger colleagues at this early stage to ensure NOTAA becomes a robust organisation maintaining a strong tradition in humanitarian values for many years to come.


NOTAA was set up in August 2016 and the current founder members of the Executive Committee are:

Tony Clayson, Wrightington Hospital – Chairman

Henry Wynn Jones, Wrightington Hospital

Rish Parmar, St Helens and Knowsley Hospital

Ashtin Doorgakant, SpR Orthopaedics, Northwest – Mersey

Simon Graham, SpR Orthopaedics, Northwest – Mersey

Kohila Sigamoney, SpR Orthopaedics, Northwest – Manchester

Debbi Wallis, Deputy Head Strategic Financial Planning, Bolton CCG

Jayne Rowland, Theatre Sister, Royal Bolton Hospital

Liz Newton, NOTAA Administrator, Wrightington Hospital

Rebecca Lafferty, Fundraising Coordinator, Wrightington Hospital